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Kseniya De Netto

What you can find here?

My blog

If you are here, on my webpage, then you are in searching of professional photos. You are in the right place.
Well, if you just want to know more about me or watch the latest photo series, go here http://ksdenetto.com/blog/

Wedding photos

A separate section is dedicated to the love of two hearts
Lovestory, pre-wedding shooting, walkings and of course the wedding day : http: //ksdenetto.com/weddingday/

Family photos

Stop the moment, create a memory, save it for a lifetime. Family photos - a great way to save a moment. Beby expecting photosessions, newborns, Christmas shooting, family portraits, all of this you can see here: http://ksdenetto.com/familyphoto/


Studio photography, interior photosessions, a photosessions in nature, portraits, male portrait, beauty and model tests ..

It can be whatever you like to call this genre, but the main thing in it - it is you, your personality, look, ability to change and transform. The unlimited field for creativity

Love Story Sanur 2017

Подпись к фото
Дорога в облака
Подпись к фото

Frequently asked questions

Do I have special gift certificates?

Yes, I do have.

Individual certificates. You can choose from a variety of photosession packages including make-up services, hairdresser, studio etc.. A great gift for a birthday of your family and friends.

What will you have in result?

All depends on type of photosession

Depending on the photosession, photos may be uploaded to a file sharing, or given on a flash drive or a disk in a gift box.

Do I MAKE a photobooks?


I can help you to find exact format you need, cover and all other folrmalities.

MY work feedbacks

Here they are )

I made a little collage of emotions and impressions about my work.

How to order a photosession

Request or call

Call me, write a letter or fill the request form on this page and I'll contact you

Refinement of details

Booking a photo studio you liked (not included in the photoshoot cost)

or stipulate the photoshooting place or location


Making photos

Receiving photos

You will receive processed and retouched photos within one week after photosession